wedding reception

DIY Santorini wedding

What do you think about DIY weddings? I just love them!! 
A DIY wedding in Santorini can be gorgeous!  This beautiful island gives us the opportunity to take our creativity to the limits! So many materials to be used at this natural blue and white backdrop!

Photo booth at Santorini Wedding

When coming to wedding reception, making it as much fun as possible is always one of the main concerns for bride & groom!

Dessert table- Santorini wedding

I must admit, when it comes to designing & styling a wedding in Santorini -or any other beautiful location- I do have a favorite: dessert tables :)
And I am not the only one who is crazy about dessert tables!! Our brides, the guests and the wedding photographer are so excited to see a beautiful dessert table!

Wedding in Santorini - wedding terrace

Is it a better blogpost to start the Tie the Knot in Santorini Blog, than an all time classic inspiration board? All White wedding decor!!
After all, I always say, white is a colour, a very good colour :)

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