A few words by Maria Sila, owner

A few words by Maria,

Tie the knot in Santorini is the creation of a girl with big dreams of making the world a more beautiful place, one celebration at a time. Dreams of a world where celebrations, weddings, tiny details and design all collide in a perfect universe.

After planning numerous social events and weddings in Santorini and Athens, I knew I had found my destiny and Tie the Knot in Santorini was born.

We Believe:

  • That beautiful celebrations make the world a better place.
  • That creativity has no limit.
  • That styling & décor is essential.
  • That white is a color. A very good color.
  • That breaking the rules is a-ok. Especially on your wedding day.
  • That each and every single detail is important.
  • That a little sand between the toes and a cocktail might just fix everything.
  • That if you want to have your dog, donkey, or giraffe at your wedding, you should.
  • That a good wedding planner, an amazing photographer, and a rocking dance party are key to an unforgettable celebration.
  • That your wedding day should be unique to you. And we know just how to make it that way!!
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