Santorini wedding favor- Vinsanto wine

Traditional Santorini Wedding Favors

Many times our brides ask us what Greek traditions we can incorporate into their wedding.  It is indeed so nice your wedding guests to feel and understand the culture of the land they are visiting, where they are celebrating such a beautiful moment!!
We always enrich a Santorini wedding with local traditions, such as Greek island music & dances, local cuisine etc. However, we try to take it a step further and find tiny details that will make the difference.  How about traditional Santorini wedding favors?
Here are my suggestions:

Jordan Almonds- Koufeta:
This is a tradition all over Greece! In lace bags or colorful boxes, white or different colors & shapes, jordan almonds-koufeta as we call them in Greece- are the typical favor in Greek weddings. They do have a meaning: the hard almonds symbolize the strength of marriage and sugar is the symbol for the sweet moments of married life.

Almonds inside the favor need to be an odd number. This means that the couple is indivisible and will share everything!
Originally at Greek weddings were given only white koufeta, the color of purity.

Santorini wedding favors


Wedding favors- Santorini wedding


Santorini Wedding Favors

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Honey  or marmalade favors from local producers
Have you tried Santorini honey or homemade marmalade? Delicious!! Give the opportunity to your wedding guest to try these local delicacies!! We can always use our imagination and decorate the little maison jars according to wedding style J

Jam favor for Santorini wedding


Honey favor for Santorini wedding 

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jam favors for a Santorini wedding


How about a Santorini shape ouzo bottle?

Santorini wedding favor- Ouzo bottle

A bottle of Santorini Vinsanto wine
For me the ultimate Santorini favor!! A delicious sweet wine, famous worldwide, produced only in Santorini!

Vinsanto wine-Santorini wedding favor

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Traditional Santorini koufeto
A Santorinian wedding tradition, served at all local weddings.  Koufeto is a dessert with almonds and honey.  It also has its symbolization:  Almonds here symbolize fertility and honey the sweet new life.  
A delicious and full of happiness symbols wedding tradition!!

Traditional Santorini wedding koufeto


Santorini Artwork:
My personal favorites :
These adorable marble hearts by Grigoris Kouskouris

Santorini wedding favors-marble hearts


And the lovely Santorini paintings from Apollonas Koliousis

Santorini wedding favors- Santorini paintings

 Well, what do you think? Let’s make your Santorini wedding even more Greek J



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Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera.
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Thank you Johnd165! Of course you can!!

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